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Twitter Themed Layout: I have been kind to my friends list and am dumping my LoudTwitter Tweets into a separate journal (427_twitter). By doing this I spare the people on my f'list who could care less about Twitter (and/or hate it), as well as allow people who want to read my Tweets the ability to follow me (w/o having to go to my Twitter page or sign up forTwitter). I'm kind to my f'list and you should be too!

This is a Mixit layout themed with Twitteresque graphics and style. It is a skeleton layout!! It is not meant for your main journal (however it could work there too). It is bare bones, and simple. I made it for myself and am sharing it with you.

It doesn't have comment support, usericon support, meta-data support, or multiple sidebar widget support. It has not been tested in anything other than Firefox 3, it has not been ad tested with non-paid or non-basic LJ accounts, it has not been tested by anyone but me. It probably has bugs, It's probably not complete, but it works for me. If you see a bug, feel free to comment and I'll try and edit it in. Though I make no promises. If you aren't familiar with custom CSS you probably should just steer clear. Other than that little disclaimer - I hope you like it.

You can see a live preview on my twitter journal here. Click the thumbnail for a fullsize image. [the live preview shows the little mouse-over features]

Select a MIXIT theme, and select Column (sidebar on right).

Under Customizing Your Theme Make the following changes:
Display:Basic Options:Disable customized comment pages for your journal: YES

Text:Navigation: Change the text displayed to...
Recent Entries > Home
Archive History > History
Friends > Following
User Information > Profile
Memories > Sign Out

Text:Entries: Change the text displayed to...
Text to link to the previous entry > Previous
Text to link to the next entry > Next
Text to add an entry into memories > ♥
Text to tell a friend about an entry > Email
Text to track events on an entry > Track
Text to stop tracking events on an entry > Untrack

Sidebars:Ordering: Select First Item as 'Calendar' and Second Item as 'Links', Select 'None' for all other items.

Links List: Make sure to put some links in here!!

Custom CSS:Page:Base Weblog: No
Custom CSS:Page:Custom external stylesheet URL: Leave Blank
Custom CSS:Page:Custom stylesheet: Copy the code below

You will need to create your own username/header image. Use the Tondo font. Insert into the code where it says: HEADERORNAMEIMAGEURLHERE. And make sure you have your name as a transparent png so the background shows through.

***This is a very minimal design that I made for myself and am sharing. I am sure it's not complete and there are holes, I will update the code as I have time. I wouldn't suggest using it unless you are prepared for bugs and/or are knowledgeable in css and can fix it yourself. It is meant for a Twitter Dump journal via Loud Twitter.

Also - I am not affiliated with Twitter, and claim no copyright to Twitter.com or any of their design. This is not-for-profit fan-work.

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