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I like this ship.

Credit 427_fandom
Textless Icons are not bases. Do not alter.
Do not hotlink, alter, or claim as your own.
Comm Info
Emit Love

[15] Icons.

STAR TREK SHIPS: Quote by Scotty in the new Star Trek movie (which was fraking awesome). No blatant spoilers, but if you haven't seen it . . . what the hell is wrong with you?! GO SEE IT!

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
10 11 12
13 14 15

edit: All icon sizes have been corrected! I'm so sorry about that!
Tags: $icons, subject: movies: star trek, subject: tv: star trek, theme: pairings, theme: slash
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Deleted comment

Um, could you be more specific? 7-9 are all the same image.

Deleted comment


8 years ago

I took number two! The movie was awesome.
Haha, I love your use of the quote!
Taking 2 with credit ^o^
yessssss! i &hearts you for these! i have such an utter crush on young!spock. and i'm not even a trekkie! i might have to go see this again this weekend.
Snagging #2 with credit. Thanks. :)
I love these so much.
I love 2 and want to snag with credit, but it's too big. :( It's about 55K and needs to be 40 or below, according to LJ.

wow - didn't even notice that. That's what I get for taking such a long break from iconmaking. Here is a smaller file:

Snagging #3 - gorgeous, classic icon.
Oops - it's also too large. I re-saved it as .jpg and then uploaded it with no problems, but you might want to reduce its size for others.
Snagging #2. Totally awesome. Thanks!
Snagging #2. Will credit. These are awesome!
taking the Kirk/Spock ones
will credit :]
aw these are awesome, thank you so much!!
Nice. Taking #2. Will credit. Thank you.
grabbing 2. Thanks.
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